Gamer’s PSA Script

Written and Directed
By Nana N Ramsey

Open up on Player 2 in obfuscate
Player 1 walks in and does an “Auspex” check
P1 – Auspex check
Both players do Rock/Paper/Scissors and tie
P2 – You win
P1 – I’m only using Dot 2 Auspex. I need to bid as the agressor. That’s how ties work, right?
P2 – I’m using Dot 1 Obfuscate so you win
P1 – But don’t you need Dot 2 to hide yourself like that?
P2 – Dot 1 is hiding while not moving
Enter ST
ST – What’s the problem guys?
P1 – I don’t think they’re using Dot 1 Obfuscate correctly
ST pulls out phone and starts checking
P2 – What do you know? Dot 1 has and always will be hiding without moving
ST – Ah, here it is. Dot 1 Obfuscate, Conceal. A person can hide an item on their persons. I think they’re right abut this.
P2 – What? Let me see that…
P2 takes STs phone
P2 – I still don’t agree
P2 walks out
Fade to black and open on the single shot of the ST
ST – Don’t be a rules lawyer. Contact your local Storyteller for more.

To watch the video, click HERE.


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